GTX 770 or wait for GTX 800 series?

Is it worth waiting the extra 3-6 months or however long its going to take for the 800 series? Or will a 770 be ok?
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  1. The 800 series coming out won't make the 770 any slower, and probably not any cheaper for a bit. I'd get the 770 now.
  2. yup get the gtx 770, the prices aren't going to come down drastically for you to regret :P
  3. 800 series high-end card are not coming before 2015 from the informations we gatered in here, the 870 wich will have specs probably very similar to a 4gb GTX780ti on assumption should come out first probably around 450$ U.S...if you need a graphics card this year go for it there is nothing that is scheduled to hit the market this year as far as we know.
  4. Always is a truely bet buying a GPU on its release, just after 3 months later nvidia released a decent driver update. Apart being overpriced on day 1.

    Probably 870 will release only on september.

    I own a Gigabyte 770, but getting a 780 windforce in june.

    PS: 770 Windforce will run Crysis 3 on max settings at a average 35FPS/1080p and 77c ...GO FOR IT!
  5. What is your current card? why not just wait like 4-5 months and get the 870 or 880? I'm sure the diffference in performance will be far worth the wait.
  6. They are not coming out soon. Get a 770 now.
  7. I currently don't have a card. I'm putting together my first gaming build but i wanna have a really high performing gpu so that i can get the best bang for my buck. I will get either an 860 or 870 if they come out soo but i have no idea when they are coming out.
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