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Hello everyone,
I bought a new laptop before two months, Toshiba Satellite P-55 A. I noticed that it has several problems regarding its connection to the router. Many times, it disconnects from the network, so I have to reconnect again. Other times, it forces me to restart my laptop, because it will not connect whatever I do. This is very troublesome situation, and ,sometimes, it drives me nut.

I tried to solve the problem. I think one of the reasons is the router, because, as I operate the troubleshooter, it mentioned the network access point, which is obviously the router. Also all computers in my house disconnect sometimes. But, my laptop has the worst scenario between them, as it disconnects every five minutes and needs rebooting.

I thought that, maybe, the problem is because of the outdated devices, so I checked for all the devices in my laptop (in the device manager), some of them needed updates and some didn't, but the problem still exists.

I know the router could be one of the causes, but I dont think it is the only one. Why my laptop has the worst situation among all of other computers? Also, disconnecting every three or five minutes is something out of ordinary. Are there some steps I can make to check my laptop? Do you have some solutions for the issue? Does Microsoft (or Toshiba) have specific solutions for it?

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    We can all speculate and I think you are probably correct that your router may be the issue. However, this said, you can go to a coffee shop and see if your laptop stays online for longer. If so, you can delete it as a variable and focus on your router.
  2. Ok. I will do it and see what happens. Maybe my router is somewhat old. If the router is the problem, I will call my internet provider to replace it for me.
    Thanks for your help.
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