I am looking into building a gaming rig that I can play and stream at the same time the processor I want to get the i5 3570k

I want to build a gaming rig that I can stream my gameplay on primarily Counter Strike Global Offensove . any recommendations on a good build that won't cost more than $1000
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    Just improve the processor to Core i5 4670 and get an aftermarket cooler plus go for any reputed Z87 motherboard from ASUS,MSI,Gigabyte,ASRock if you plan on overclocking. It will be around 1000$ cap.
  2. heres a build a lot like it because why not
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    Zachasaurs said:
    heres a build a lot like it because why not

    I would recommend getting a 770 for well balanced system. You can just shave off the premium chassis and can save 50$ there (Something like CM HAF 912,, there are lot of good cases at 50USD) plus going to ASRock Z87 Extreme 3 can save save around 30$. So just put the savings of 80-100$ into upping the GPU to 770. It would be worth it.
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