Computer will only show images with CPU fan not plugged in.

Hey lads
Today when I turned my computer on I was surprised to find that my mouse keyboard and screen were not working. My computer seemed to be working fine. But everything that is plugged in doesn't seem to be working. The only thing I can remember doing since everything was working was unplug my mouse and keyboard and then plug them back in again.
My monitor is plugged in through my graphics card.
I unplugged my graphics card and had same problem.
I unplugged CPU fan and then my computer showed the asus logo image.
Which it would not show with fan plugged in.
Anyone have any idea what is happening?
Thx all
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  1. Does the fan spin when it is plugged in (regardless of image on the screen)? I wondering if it could be a short in the cable leading to the fan. If you have a good multi-meter, you can test if it is a short.
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    Unless you want to kill your CPU and maybe the motherboard do not try to run the thing for more than a few seconds without the CPU fan. At least point a fan on the heatsink. If your keyboard, mouse and monitor did not have a display, your computer is NOT working fine. It may be flashing lights at you but it's not working. Try another fan header if you have one for the CPU fan, then I'd try a new fan. If that does not fix things, chances are good your motherboard is dead, maybe the power supply.
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