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So i was recomwnded this board asrock 960gm seems like a nice board but my other question is still unanswered ....
The mobo comes with bios 1.0 my fx6300 is only supported after update 1.20 ... how will i updatr bios without using my fx6300 and what happens if i put it in will it fry my chip i neeed to update to 1.20 but dont know how to thanks
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  1. Hi,

    Practically, why are you bothered about the BIOS update since you haven't still bought that board? Secondly, why would you like to buy that motherboard while it's bios firmware doesn't still support your CPU? Just a thought.
  2. Im going to but this board and yes it does support my cpu in version 1.20 check cpu support list my question was how to get to 1.20 if i cant put in my cpu will it fry burn my fx6300 ?? But ive been reading and now i saw that Either i buy a cheap chip that works wirh 1.0 or i upgrade with a new bios chip with 1.20 installed get it now ??
  3. Ok but those are atx boards anything better than 760 chipset but micro atx ?? Just got new case
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    Your CPU will still probably work on that motherboard since your CPU is in its compatibility list. Provided that if you don't upgrade your BIOS firmware to the latest version you wont be able to get your CPU's maximum performance and capabilities.
  5. Thanks buddy so it wont fry my chip then or bunr it out
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