Asus FanXpert 2 Silent mode - safe to use?

I'm using a Noctua NF-A15-PWM case cooler which is making a subtle, but very annoying noise, even when I'm just surfing the net and the case cooler is only running at 716 rpm.

If I choose Silent mode in the Asus FanXpert 2 software however, the case cooler is turned off completely and only the CPU cooler keeps running when I'm just surfing the net or the pc is idle. Then my pc is pretty much 99,99% silent on idle which is what I prefer.

But is it safe to do that?

The case components then get no cooling apart from what the CPU cooler provides.

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  1. If when running intensive programs the fans are automatically turned on youre fine
  2. The case fan is turned on automatically when running intensive programs.

    I'm just wondering if the motherboard and graphics card do not in fact need the extra cooling coming from the case fan even when the pc is idle or I'm just surfing the web? So that by turning off the case fan I might damage the various components in my pc because now they don't get the cooling they need?
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