noctua d14 or corsair h80i?

I have 2 this coolers and 1 has advantage and disadvantage but I can't really decide which one is the best..
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  1. I prefer the Noctua , consider it better than the h80i.
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    Get the Noctua. It is an excellent, well built piece of equipment.

    Here is a test where the Noctua was compared with the Corsair H100i and it achieved comparable results at a much lower cost and it was also quieter.,3607.html

    The H100i is significantly better than the H80i, so the Noctua NH D14 would be better than the H80i

  3. ok i'll go with noctua... thank you guys for the info :)
  4. You're quite welcome! That is what we're here for.

    Good luck!

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