HELP NEWDED ASAP computer won't connect to new router/network

I got fibre optic yesterday and my computer connected fine after I pressed the wps button on the router because it woudn't let me type in the security key because it kept saying it was incorrect when It wasn't. Today I started up my computer and it is saying that the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of this network. Now I have gone into the control pannel and gone into manage wireless networks and changed things but I can't progess because it is saying that my wireless security key is wrong when I enter it to modify the network so I can connect to it, also when I delete the network and reconnect to it and go and press the wps button on the router it only stays connected for about 20 seconds before going back to it's original state of saying the settings on this saved on this computer for the network etc. Please I really need help. Also my op system is windows 7.
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  1. Ok guysnit just started randomly working nut if it goesbwrong I'll ney you know.
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