i need to reduce the sound of p.s.u......500 W......any suggestions??

any suggestions??
coz when my computer starts......it sounds like an airplane's engine starting for a take off......
and one more question.....i m gonna buy a graphics card but i donno how much is the minimum required ram for 1 gb graphics......pls answer...
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  1. If your system is old, perhaps the bearings of the PSU fan are failing. Are you sure that is the source of the noise?
    Please provide your system specs. Also, what programs and/or games do you want to run? There are many graphics cards available, from $30 to $300 that will run on a 500W PSU. We need to know what you'd like to run, your budget, and your monitor resolution.
    Any modern, quality PSU should run relatively quietly, especially when the system is relatively idle (e.g. at Startup).
  2. really your only option is to swap the psu though the fact that its that loud worries me that it could be a fire hazard I'd replace it asap with a 500w unit from xfx, seasonic, fractal, corsair, or antec and take that psu out asap but what is the psu make and model
  3. This is a decent PSU for the money. It isn't much different in price than the 500w version, so the 600w is a good idea.

  4. yep its the fan in the PSU that make the noise.......
  5. well im planning to buy a new PSU......
    and i d like to play nfs run and most wanted 2012
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