R9 270X or GTX 760 or R9 280X

Hello all
I am looking to buy a new GPU for my PC because I believe my GTX 650 Ti Boost is not going to keep up with my expectations anymore. I have a budget of 26K INR and so the top 3 GPUs that fit in are the GTX 760 , R9 270X , or the R9 280X. The question is which one is more VFM for me ?
I can get a
270X with 4GB RAM And 120GB Intel 530 SSD/
760 with 120GB SSD/
At the same price.
Which one will be better for me ?
My rig -
Intel i5 3570K w/CM Hyper 212 EVO
Corsair XMS3 4GB RAM
ASRock Z77 Extreme3
SeaSonic X850
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  1. The R9-280X will perform the best out of those three options. Alternatively, you could get a GTX 770.
  2. I agree the 280x is the best or like Joseph said you could get the gtx 770 if the price is the same
  3. For the upgrade to be visually pleasing then the 280X out of those cards as stated above. Any less it will lack the wow factor.
  4. R9 280x + 4GB RAM + 120GB Intel 530 is the best if you can afford it ^^
    Just kidding :)

    SSD will not get any extra fps in games but will make your PC feels more responsive. Get it only if you really have the money.
    I saw also that you have only 4GB RAM, an extra 8 (2x4) or 4 ()2x2 GB more RAM should bring also quite a lot.

    If you can do some replaning, I would suggest to get 4 or 8 GB more RAM (not GPU RAM)+R9 280x, and postpone the SSD.
    This should be the better upgrade for you.
  5. First of all , Thanks all for quick responses.
    Alright , So I'm guessing the 280X is my way to go. Guys can you recommend be the better variant among these ones ?
    Seller site -
  6. Oh BTW I cant get a GTX 770 in my money , creepy nvidia is selling it far more expensive here.
  7. I would go with the Sapphire DualX just because it is cheaper, some of the other cards may get 1-3FPS better performance out of the box but can be matched with simple OC on the Sapphire.
  8. I was leaning towards the ASUS variant because it seems cooler and since my previous GPU ( 650TiBE) had a DC2 which was great cooling. What are the differences between the two ?
  9. Best answer
    It is another good choice price wise, either and you can not go wrong. The Asus has a little higher clock.
  10. Really thanks for your help. Might have been easy for you but I had spent 2 days on thinking what to buy and it took a lot to save the money, really.
  11. Glad we could help but the main thing is that you are selecting a card from respectable manufacturer.
  12. Just another question , will it be enough for dual 1080p monitors ? And is it possible ( dual 1080p monitors , Dell S2240L ) ?
  13. It will run them presuming you will be gaming on one and run something else on the other one.
  14. That means dual 1080p monitors on a S2240L is possible ? Its got a HDMI and VGA only , you sure right ?
  15. Yes it is.
  16. I would love to have any R9 sick as hell performance lol
  17. ^LOL
    Thanks rolli.
  18. The R9-280X can handle even triple-monitor resolutions in games as Radeon cards are good at multi-monitor configurations. So yes, you can play games using up to three monitors on the R9-280X if you wanted to. AMD Eyefinity has matured more than Nvidia Surround.
  19. Yes you can play with 3 monitors.
    But, 1 single R9 280x can not handle e.g. BF4 properly on 3 full-HD monitors with everything maxed.
    You must play with the settings (reducing the graphic quality e.g. no AA, lowering texture details, etc. ) to get it running smoothly on 3 monitors.
  20. I'd try a CF by the end of the year , and then try for a dual or triple monitor then. Or maybe I'll try a 1440p monitor.
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