Why is my gpu fan spinning backward??

My graphics card fan is spinning backards! It will not go above 30% fan speed even at 72c and its not showing the rpm of the fan! I think this happened when my power supply went out??
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  1. If you are looking at the front of the card, at the fans, which way are they spinning- clockwise or counter clock wise? Also, what GPU is it?
  2. Its an radeon 4670 with a dual slot fan. When I'm looking at the fan from the bottom its spinning counter clockwise.
  3. Bump. Can anyone help me fix this issue of my fan spinning backwards? I can't play games for very long because the fan speed doesn't go past 30% and in GPU-Z shows there is no rpm for the fan so I know its going the wrong way. The noise I'm hearing right now is every 4 seconds sounds like fan is stall or stop spinning then it picks back up.
  4. It just now stop making that weird noise but I've heard it make that noise more than once.
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