GTX Titan Black vs GTX 780ti

Hello, I am looking to find out wether or not the extra $300 dollars is worth it for the GTX titan black or wether I should just go for the 780ti.
I would like proof for your information ( eg. Benchmarks, Specs etc.)
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  1. Sorry but this is something you're smart enough to google for 5 minutes and decide on. No need to spoon feed.
  2. google.

    what are your pc spec, include monitor
  3. there's almost no situation where a normal person would be sensible to spend $300 more for hte titan black.

    unless you're running 3 2560x1440 monitors... then you might be able to use the 6gb of VRAM of the titan black.... but even then, i dont think one of those would be enough to get decent FPS at whatever crazy resolution taht would be
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    here you go, read up and find your answer

    Titan if your gaming and doing cad work/stuff..... ti if your just gaming. no use for the extra $300 for the titan unless you like show off.
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