XPS 8100 Video Card Upgrade Question

I have a XPS Studio 8100
i7 2.8ghz
350W power Supply with the 6PIN PCIe connector
Windows 7 64bit
1TB Hard drive
GeForce GT 635 Video Card

The only game I'll be playing is Diablo 3, i currrently get about 50-60FPS but I want closer to 100ish

I tried to install the Nvidia GTX 750 ti yesterday but there was no display, but all the fans came on and the light was green where the 6 PIN PCIe cable was connected to the card. I took that back to FRYS.

I was looking at the Radeon HD 7770 2gb DDR5

FRYS is currently out, do you think the 7770 will work with my system? Is the card too new? Do you have any other video card suggestions. Can my motherboard handle DDR5 video memory?

I'm not worried about size since the gtx 750 ti fit nicely.
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  1. The 7770 requires a 500W power supply, so you would have to upgrade that as well.

    I'm not sure why the 750 Ti didn't work, but with your current system, I would still recommend the 750 Ti. Unless you are fine upgrading your PSU as well, then there are more options.
  2. My old PC has a Thermaltake 430W power supply, I was thinking of putting that in the XPS 8100, it also has the 6 PIN PCIe power cable. Do you think that would help?
  3. In regards to the atx 750 ti, do you think the BIOS needs to be updated? I really like the 750 ti hardware and knowning it fits and had the lights come on was a plus.
  4. I wouldn't think so. I've never heard of someone needing to upgrade mobo bios for a video card, but I suppose it's a possibility.

    Since you got the 750 at Fry's I assume you don't want to order online.. but just as an FYI there is a EVGA GTX 750 Ti Superclocked going for $130 on NewEgg after a rebate and promo code: EMCYTZT59227

    I think the 430W PSU would be better to run, regardless of what video card you end up with. If you are reluctant about the 750 i, you could try a 7750, as it only uses PCI power like the 750.
  5. Yeah I got it at Frys because I didnt want to wait a week, then find out it didn't work and send it back etc. Ive been through that too much over video cards :( Any reason why the 750 ti didnt work, or any ideas on what to try. I was wondering if its because its ddr5 video memory and the motherboard cant read that ? I'm stumped on what else to try. I am going to upgrade the PSU later when I get off work. I always have back luck with AMD cards, I seem to have no issues with Nvidia cards, well except yesterday
  6. I bascially want a 2gb ddr5 video card for my xps 8100. I'm having a hard time finding info on what will work for around $150ish
  7. Personally I would try another 750 Ti, with the other PSU. If that ends up not working, then you could try a R9 270. It is slightly more expensive, but there aren't a whole lot of options for around $150 unless you want to consider older cards.

    Another potential benefit of getting the 750 Ti is if you decide to get a powerful card in a year or two, something like the GTX 770/780, you could keep the 750 Ti and use it as a dedicated PhysX card. Granted, you would have to play PhysX games to take advantage of that, but it's better than having a useless card after upgrading.
  8. I'll put in the 430w Power Supply in the XPS 8100 and try the 750 ti again, anything I should do before (update anything)? They have 2 different 750 TIs. they have an ASUS one, and a PNY one. I tried the ASUS one first, the specs are the same, different companies.
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    I would go for the ASUS again, just because it's a well known brand. I don't know much about PNY and I have never had one of their cards. That doesn't mean they are bad, I just can't recommend a card I know nothing about.

    You should uninstall the Nvidia drivers before installing the 750 Ti just to be safe. You could do this either through add/remove programs, or use a utility like Display Driver Uninstaller to wipe the system clean.

    Although very rare, I think you got a dead card. If this new one happens to do the same thing, try using it in different PCI slots to see if that has an effect. Additionally, if the card does the same thing, plug your display into the onboard graphics and boot up and install the latest drivers for it (since at this point the drivers should be uninstalled). Although, it should still boot up when the display is using the GPU though, even if there are no drivers.
  10. Thanks alot for your help Kekoh! I'll give it a shot and update this with what happened, thanks a million and wish me luck!!!
  11. 750 TI should work with your power supply -
    Maybe drivers has to be reinstalled.
    Thermaltake PSU is not trustworthy, so I would use it only if there is no other choice, look here for recommendations

    No BIOS update necessary in your situation.

    Asus is much better than PNY, more trustworthy.
  12. Thanks for you help everyone I got it to work. I put in the 430W power supply, got a new ASUS 750ti card from Frys again. I uninstalled the Video Card drivers of my old card. Turned off the PC, plugged in the new Video Card and booted up the PC and installed the new drivers and all is good. Diablo III is running awesome i average above 120 FSP so I'm a happy camper :)
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