third monitor help please

hi guys i currently own i5 3570 ,7970,600 watt and 2 aoc 22 inch monitors.I want to add a third monitor .First any advice on a stand to hold them something under 80 euro .Second not sure about the cable connecting to 3rd monitor to gpu cause there is no hdmi on the monitor so i need a display port to dvi cable ? what confuses me is the when people say get active cable ? thanks
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  1. any help?
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    As far as a mount goes, get this one It's sturdy and in your price range.

    As far as an active display adapter, this is an example of one, the StarTech Active Adapter Make sure you get one that is compatible with your outputs on your graphic card. This one is likely to work.
  3. thanks mate
  4. My pleasure.
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