screen gets blurry on 75Hz refresh rate ( while my monitor supports it )

Hey guys . my Monitor is LG Flatron W1943SS-PF

it mentioned few places that its native resolution is 1366 x 768 & has 75hz refresh rate

but when i try to change my resolution it says my Native resolution is 1360x768 ( 60hz )

some times i can see a wide range of resolutions . i tried making Custom Resolution in Nvidia Control panel . but when i switch to 75Hz screen gets blurry a bit & same happens when i go with 1366 x 768 resolution

OK why this is happening ? it suppose to work at 75hz even smoother & sharper ( NOT BLUR )
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  1. Just set it to 1366x768 and let it pick the best refresh. This is no advtange to trying to force it 75hz especially for windows.
  2. theres no 1366x768 in standard range ( it some times appear in resolution options ) & when i switch to it . a part of screen gets little blury . anyway i stayed at 1360x768 & i made custom res in NVIDIA & all i did was adding 75hz now everything is working fine

    no blury screen at all . strange thing is that my display should support 1366x768 ( 75hz ) as native res but it doesnt . does that mean that my display is Chinese Copy :| or something ?
  3. How old is your video card? Aparantly older NVidia cards have an issues with the 1366 over 1360 and don't display it properly.
  4. man its GTX 760 :D . donno why but i feel my monitor is crap . games dont look sharp at all no matter how high the in game aa + res is
  5. It's an old monitor as well below HD resolution. Get a 1080p monitor to pair with that beast of a card. You got a ferrari engine in a ford tempo chassis.
  6. oh no . donno why many keep saying to get 1080p monitor . its hard to maxout games on 1080p . even SLI systems have trouble running games ( maxedout ) at 60 fps constantly ( im talkin about Metro LL & crysis & ... )

    isnt 144x900 or 1600x1200 enough ?

    quality without performance sucks . i think 144x900 quality LED monitor + DVI cable is great choice . what do you think ?
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    If you are that concerned with being able to max it out, you could always turn down a 1080p monitors resolution to something that performs to your standards, and then you would benefit from 1080p res while browsing, watching videos, etc.

    I don't understand why you wouldn't want 1080p though... Even if you have to turn down some settings, the added pixels from the resolution will give a much better experience.
  8. ya i know but turning down resolution will make the game kinda blurry ( have you tried turning down your res in a game ? & have you seen how the screen lose its sharpness ? )

    but ya its GREAT for other stuff but gaming . even the gaming it self would be perfect if i could get a good performance too . anyway ill consider that too

    thanks alott for ALL answers guys ;)
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