How to overclock RAM? Any ideas?

Hey guys so im aiming on buying this motherboard for easter: which supports ram up to 1333Mhz with overclock.
So i have choosed this RAM:

First of all, is this RAM and MOBO good for gaming? (LGA 775 based system and im not willing to change it!)
Any more ideas on other products?
How can i overclock my MOBO to support 1333Mhz RAM? is it dangerous?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. you can buy any ram... it doesn't have to be 1333... it will just downclock to 1333.
    get whatever is on sale.

    will it be good for gaming??? a micro-atx 775 with 4gb of 1333 ram... compared to what? a real gaming rig? then no... not even remotely.
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    You RAMs are already set as 1333. There are no overclock for you. Your RAMs are just running at stock speed. The MB you have just to tell you that you can run 1333MHz. The overclock thing just for the people who use good quality 1066Mhz RAM. Since your RAM is running at stock speed, there is no danger involved.

    Gaming experience, you definitely can play some games which publish 2010 or before.
  3. do you have the rest hardware assembled? this is rather old hardware to be playing. ram o/c on that its pointless
  4. Look guys my friend has a Rig with a GT 430 Core 2 Duo @ 2.40Ghz and 4gb ddr2 and can decently play Rome II Total War at Medium settings.
    All 2012 games are playable on decent FPS on his RIG so i thought why not? I have a better RIG with this upgrade:
    Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 Ghz
    4gb ddr3 ram
    GT 430
    I'm also planning on buying a quad core CPU
  5. well if you have a budget to start better invest it on current hardware, soon enough you will find yourself with limited options. a ps3-xbox can provide way better experience.!
  6. I dont think a CPU limited option will be a problem. Quad cores are great nowadays! :D thanks for the advice guys! I already have a PS3 and nothing is compared to PC Gaming for me.
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