New gaming monitor £350 max budget

Hi all, I mainly use my pc for gaming so the focus is on that side of things (FPS/MMO).

It must be either 24' or 27'. I can't tell what's better TN or IPS from what I have read and I tend to get lost in the specs of these things.

Any input/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Price range ideally between £200 - £350.

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  1. What GPU do you have?

    Some of the best gaming monitors right now are the ASUS 144hz and BenQ 144hz monitors. They are 144 hz though, so if your GPU doesn't average 90+ fps there's no point in spending the money.

    Here are a few to look at:
    27 inch version of above monitor:
    BenQ 27":
  2. At the moment I am crossfiring two Radeon HD6870's so I think they should be fine? I had a look the 24' Asus before actually and it looks pretty good, I just was not sure as it was released a while ago
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    Yeah it was released roughly 10 months ago, but it's still a great monitor. Plus the prices have gone down since then. There won't be any new revisions coming out in the near future, as far as I know. I bought the VG248QE about a month ago and I am very satisfied with it. 144hz is awesome.

    There is a 120hz 1440p ASUS monitor with G-Sync coming out soon, but I'm not sure if you have the patience to wait for that. Plus I don't think it will be in your budget.
  4. Great, I think I will go with that the VG248QE for now then. Cheers for the help!
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