please suggest a campatible graphics card for AMD Athlon II X2 B24 Dual Core @ 3.0 ghz

I have AMD Athlon II X2 B24 Dual Core @ 3.0 ghz
with 8 Gb ram, 240 mw psu

it has a PcI E bus std

i want to make it a gaming system and i am confused with the graphic card options
that i have

PowerColor AMD/ATI Radeon HD5450 1 GB DDR3
PowerColor AMD/ATI Radeon HD6450 1 GB DDR3
NVIDIA GT610 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card
NVIDIA GT620 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card

my budget is 3000k.

can somebody assist me with choosing a compatible graphic card.
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    I would aim for an ATI HD7750 (with gddr5 memory) if you can afford it. The cards you list are not gaming class cards.

    You may find this article usefull and if you are comparing hardware then check out the Hierarchy Chart on page 7. Toms updates this article every month. I find it quite helpfull.,3107.html
  2. thank you popatim

    is there any need to change my psu??
    if yes please suggest a compatible psu....
    i am trying to look for one since few days...
  3. I recommend the 7750 as he said, and for the psu Id say the Corsair CX 430, at $44
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