r290 crossfire system does not turn on


I recently purchased a second r9 290 for my system however once installed the system does not turn on. I can see that there is power going to the system as the led lights are on with the motherboard and one card active ( the reference card does not have power indicators). I'm wondering if my psu is not sufficient or I did not install the second card correctly.

System specs are:

Corsair rm850 psu
Asus r9 290 direct cu ii
Asus reference r9 290
Asus maximus vi hero
Samsung 250gb ssd
Seagate 1tb hd
I5 4670k oc to 4.2ghz with corsair h60 cooler
8gb vengence ram 1600mhz
6 fans

Both cards work individually so any other suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
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  1. says 1000W for 290 CF. But I'd have thought the PC would have started up.

    850W just doesn't leave any headroom for game loads. I gather you left the monitor plugged in to the original 290. The CF bridge is in place, the new card is fully seated in the pcie slot, the power connectors have been fitted to the second card??

    The second card works by itself?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply I7baby, as far as I understand I don't need a crossfire bridge for the r290. Otherwise the answer is yes to all the other questions. I was surprised that the pc did not power on at all. Does it matter where I plug the second video card cable into the psu? I just plugged it in next to the first one. I read that 1000w psu is needed as well but was secretly hoping the 850 psu could handle it...
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    Oh found it:,2.html Didn't know.

    The power for the 290 should be one 6 pin and one 8 pin pcie power connector. This should come from a cable connected to one of the pcie power connectors on a modular psu like the rm 850. As long as it's connected to a psu pcie power connector (like your other card should be) then you'll be OK. They'll be marked on the power supply.
  4. Thanks for the follow up mate, I yes I did exactly that plugged it in next to my other card where it says pci e 6+4. It a bit of a strange one but maybe I need a bigger psu so will have to wait a little while before I can crossfire the two cards.
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