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Hey guys. hope you could help me squeeze out every drop of performance out of my GPU. In my rig I have 8 gigs of ram, an fx-6300, and an MSI R9 290 gaming edition. When looking at MSI Afterburner while playing Battlefield 4 I notice that when playing my GPU doesn't go above about 60% usage when I'm playing on medium settings (I used to get steady 60 fps on ultra but only 5 months later I can barely get 45 frames on high settings). So I have two questions, how can I push my graphics card until it is using as much power as possible? And second, are there any other tweaks I can do to BF4 or my computer to try to get better performance on it. I have tried Mantle and all it does is stutter for me.
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    I'm guessing the CPU is throttling, although its highly unlikely.
    for now use mantle, if that doesn't solve it revert to an older driver, or update to a newer one.
  2. Yeah, 13.12 was more stable for me too, but are you sure your cpu is not holding you back, also 14.1 drivers were worse for me than 13.12 what version are you using?
  3. well, check the temps, it may be throttling. also, what load is the cpu at? i would clean out your pc, delete unneeded software, and open task manager to see if programs are running in the background. a r9 290 should be able to play bf4 on ultra.
  4. Yeah defiantly check cpu temps even the 6300 series will most defiantly push 60 fps at least on ultra settings, but if cpu temps are good then most likely the update for your drivers went wrong you should try uninstalling all drivers completely and just get the newest one again from AMD site or from MSI site. i had the same type of problem when i updated to the newest driver and tried a bunch of different stuff like getting after burner and the only thing that worked was the total re installation of the drivers. hope it can help, and by the way from what i seen my cpu had to work harder when the drivers were messed up just a tip for something that happened to me.
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