500-600 Dollar gaming PC build, NEED HELP!

So I've been searching through the forum and have been seeing alot of 500-600 dollar PC builds and it really helped me with what I have right now. My current build costs around 630ish dollars and i wanted your opinion on where and how I can cut down (If possible) otherwise, i would like advice on how my Setup works and any tweaks you guys can suggest. I am mainly building this for Batman Arkham Knight (I know it's a bit soon), battlefield 4 60 FPS on Mediumish High, Tomb raider 60 FPS Ultra. This is my current build, please go easy on me I am extremely knew and don't feel like buying a console again so am trying to convert to the PC side.
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  1. everything looks good i just change memory in two sticks cause if one fail your have another one.:)
  2. Quite good. If i were you, I would go for r7 265 instead of 750ti. 750ti will slightly overcome r7 265 in Arkham Knight since the game is best played using nvidia cards, but in other games like bf4 and tomb raider r7 265 gain a significant win
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    You might be able to get an R9 270 and only spend $50 or so more
  4. Here try this one I think you will get the performance you want with this build
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