Best Nvidia Video Card for Dell Dimension E521 (For Gaming in Linux).


I am looking to purchase a Nvidia graphic card for Dell Dimension E521, so that my PC would run the graphics at the maximum setting.
My processor is currently AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+ x 2
I have 4 Gb of RAM installed.
My power supply is 600w.
I am currently experimenting with Linux so the graphic card should be from Nvidia. I am currently searching for a better CPU which should give me the maximum processing soon.

I hope someone can guide me with the graphic card. I change graphic cards all the time, but I do not know how to find one at the maximum processing.

Thanks so much.
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    Your CPU is obviously going to be a bottleneck, but to get a better one you really need a completely new motherboard and thus new System RAM etc. Basically most of a new PC.

    As for which graphics card, that depends on two factors:
    1) Budget, and
    2) Your CPU (to prevent bottlenecks)

    If rebuilding a PC is too expensive currently, I suggest you get something like the Asus GTX750Ti as anything more is likely to be bottlenecked by your CPU completely.

    If you do rebuild your PC I suggest you get something more like THIS:
    1) i5-4570 Intel CPU ($190 USD)
    2) 1150 motherboard ($100+, I like most Asus boards)
    3) 8GB DDR3 memory ($65 for a 2x4GB G. Skill 1600MHz kit)

    You're looking at about $550+ depending on the graphics card you choose.

    I assume you're following Steambox slightly and plan to dual-boot STEAMOS + your Distro at some point?
  2. Wow. Thank you. I do not mind bottle neck at all. However, is that the cheapest one with the bottle neck :) I found this one on


    You were referring to this model right?

    I actually would be using Codeweaver for all my gaming in Linux first.

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