Overclocking core2quad q8300 settings help


My specs are

Jetway MI5-G31SVM
Core2Quad q8300 at 2.50ghz (cooler master cooler)
4GB DDR2 (800/667/533)
Cooler Master 460W PSU
XFX HD5770 (with deepcool v200 cooler)

cpu temps , 50-79 (3 hours of gaming)
gpu temps, 53-63 (3 hours of gaming)

I get 40-70 fps in closed locations in crysis 3 and 14-30 in open locations, I just want to overclock my cpu and add few more fps,

I've bought antec a40 cpu cooler to replace with cooler master because this cm cooler makes alot of noise while cpu is in full load,

I need to overclock my cpu to 3.0 Ghz, i tried just changing the fsb to 400 with c1e, speedstep disabled. all voltages to default but pc doesn't post and i've to reset cmos and for ram clocks i can only set 533/667/800/auto,

These are settings available in my bios

I've read many threads but since every motherboard is different , i was hoping someone would help me with my config

can anyone tell me specific voltages for my mobo,

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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Try the following:

    -RAM to the slowest option available while keeping stock voltage and timings.
    -FSB to 400MHz
    -Vcore to 1.3625V to start
    -If it boots and benchmarks fine, lower the voltage a notch and retest. Continue doing this until you benchmark unstable, then raise it two notches in the BIOS.

    If this does not get you stable at 3GHz you are unfortunately out of luck.
    Your motherboard is quite a value job so I would not expect much, if any, possible headroom above FSB 400MHz.

    Best luck!
  2. thanks for the reply, i am unable to change the vcore value as it is greyed out, could there be a setting to enable first to make it work or i just cant change it in this motherboard
  3. even though i could not overclock , i disabled speed step and installed the after market cooler, now i have no extra noise overpowering my game play and i am getting 30-60 fps in all areas of crysis 3 i cant believe it has become so smooth!
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