Corsair h100i CPU cooler problem

I started my build and the liquid cooler of the build is a h100i

I found a problem during unboxing is that the SATA power cable can be stretched In and out about half a centimetre from the cooler. Is this normal? Or is the SATA is disconnected from the cooler?

It would be helpful to know the answer as soon as possible. thanks
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    if it works don't fiddle with it. it is not supposed to be moved, but it being loose is a possibility. you will know if it is disconnected if you plug it in and the pump does not work (i suggest booting into the bios and giving it a good listen, as if it is at least properly secured, your cpu will not overheat
  2. I'm not sure. It's hard to tell from your description. I guess you could contact Corsair.
  3. The h100i has a sata power connector and cpu fan header coming off the top of it.
  4. this powers the pump and allows that power to get to those other fan headers
  5. Update:
    Sorry, I changed my first answer as it was wrong. Oddly the Corsair H100i site doesn't mention the SATA cable that I could see...

    There is an install guide here, not sure if that helps:

    *From what I can see, the POWER connector should slide in firmly similar so I don't know what is being "stretched"; if you try to insert the plug and the connector isn't firmly mounted it would move backwards but as long as the power cable is fully seated it should still work provided there's no issue elsewhere.
  6. it doesnt mention the sata because it is sata power and has absolutely nothing to do with the corsair link software. just like how a hard drive gets power, this is how the pump unit on this thing is powered.
  7. the usb connector part doesnt actually supply the unit with any power, just access to software controls
  8. Brantyn Gerik said:
    the usb connector part doesnt actually supply the unit with any power, just access to software controls

    I realize that now, but unfortunately I was using a different cooler as a reference and it uses the FAN connectors to power the pump and didn't see SATA mentioned at all on the main page.

    Regardless, just ignore my first comment.
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