Graphics card, fps jumping all over the place.

So recently I moved my graphics card to the first slot closest to the cpu because I had it in the second slot. When I did my computer was very slow and sluggish. I re installed the drivers and its running good but in games my fps jumps around quite a bit and stutters. For example in lol the fps would be at 80 then randomly jump down to 10 then up to 60 then down to 40 at times. It also has a small noticeable stutter in cut scenes. Should I uninstall the graphics card and the drivers and re install everything? If so how would I go about doing this. Do I just go to the device manager and uninstall the graphics card and drivers? Would I be able to go online and get the drivers? And lastly should I use a drive cleaner?

Sorry for so much questions. Its just that i'm still a noob to all this and I don't want to ruin my computer by doing something stupid.
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    Graphics card? CPU? Power supply? Temperatures?

    Really depends on whether there's a bottleneck or not. Otherwise, do a clean uninstall of drivers, and reinstall.
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