Sapphire R7 260X 2GB OC Edition Artifacts

Hello All,

I have been getting these really weird artifacts since I build my PC back in January. Here is my system spec.

Intel I5 4670
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
Corsair (modular) C650M PSU @ 650W
Mobo = ASUS H81m-PLUS

Catalyst 14.3

The Articats are really weird squared dots it can be any colour, here is one example which happened while watching a YouTube video.

It can happen in game or just general web browsing or even on the desktop. The artifacts disappear if:

I resize/minimize window, or highlight over them.

The issue is bugging me because don't know if the GC if failing or if its driver issue. It also happens randomly so I cannot reproduce this issue.

Current temps for system are:

GC = 29C
Mainboard = 111C

This is all idle temps. (Temps taken from multiple apps, TRIXX (Sapphire OC tool), HWMonitor and Core Temp, all produce similar temps.

Over the past few days it has happened, I have realized GPU temp is at 36C.
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  1. Have you overclocked your graphics card? If not, it sounds like you have a faulty card and need to get it RMA'd, contact the manufacture and they should be able to help you out.
  2. Maybe such a hot motherboard - 111C - isn't helping
  3. No it's pre-overclocked edition. I did contact Sapphire but their support is rubbish, some chinese guy telling me to record YouTube videos of it, and try it in other motherboards which I do not have.
  4. i7Baby said:
    Maybe such a hot motherboard - 111C - isn't helping

    Hi, I just googled average motherboard temps and you are correct the temp is too high, I just downloaded another monitor by pinform (speccy) and it says the Mobo temp is at 28C
  5. Oh I forgot to mention when I did contact Sapphire support the tech guy told me to increase the power control in CCC (Catalyst Control Center) to +10
  6. Can you try your GPU in another PC? If you can and get the same then RMA the GPU.
  7. I have another PC but the motherboard is unlikely to support the GC it's a very, it would require a higher PSU unit as well.

    Would you guys rule out a driver / software issue?

    Oh! I forgot to mention again, I did get a BSOD a few months ago, this was due to the graphics card and it pointed to the ATI driver.
  8. All you can do is make sure you've got the latest driver. Have you? If not, do a clean install.
  9. i7Baby said:
    All you can do is make sure you've got the latest driver. Have you? If not, do a clean install.

    Yes I have the latest drivers.
  10. Best answer
    Well it looks to me like you've got a faulty graphics card. I think its time to RMA it.
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