Will my phenom II x4 965 BE bottleneck a GTX 760?

I am considering a new gpu. A GTX 760 or R9 270. but which one you would prefer in case of value for money? and will they bottleneck a phenom II x4 965 BE?
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  1. 760 and you will probably hit a bottleneck in some things and not in others. the specific bottlenecks i couldnt say. probably more bottlenecks than you would like. an overclock would help a bit.

    see it isnt as simple as needing an (x) powerful cpu to drive a (y) powerful gpu. some games will have a higher cpu:gpu ratio than others. it all comes down to the individual game and settings.

    the lower the graphical settings the more fps you will get but the higher the cpu requirements. there comes a point with a marginal cpu where you cant turn the graphical settings down anymore for more fps because the cpu has reached capacity. that, is a bottleneck. it's not always there but can present itself in the right scenario.
  2. so if you were in my shoes, what gpu will you choose (consider you wanted to play games with full MSAA and 1920x1080) with phenom II x4 965 be?
  3. i dont know but i just considered another factor you may want to consider.

    amd mantle. after benchmarking mantle has shown to be very useful for running a good gpu on a weak cpu. the fps gain is considerable whereas system with powerful cpus saw next to no gain. if games really pick up support for mantle the 270 might be the better choice even though it is a bit weaker.
  4. With a good aftermarket cooler and a reliable powersupply you should be able to hit 3.8-4.0ghz with your chip. That will help alot in relieving some of the bottleneck. Where you will still experiance a bottleneck will mainly be in memory intensive games such as Farcry, Skyrim, and the codemasters games. Even the FX chips have issues with keeping up because of amds memory bandwidth versus intels. :,3407-5.html expect your chip to be around 5-10% slower than the fx8350.,18.html
  5. That Phenom II 965 is a good CPU. They are very OC capable and and once you overclock it it would be Faster than an FX4350 in Single-threaded and Multi-threaded tasks... I very much think that it is capable of giving enough Data fast enough for mid range GPUs today...Things like turning up MSAA and resolution are GPU bound scenarios. Just what graphics card are you using now??
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    My brother was running a Phenom II x3 at 3.6GHz with a radeon 6870 (1920x1080) and was surprised how much of a performance boost he got in games going to a i5 2400. So if a Phenom x3 bottlenecks a 6870 a phenom x 4 must bottleneck a 270 or 760, it obviously will vary from game to game. You could always goet it anyway if you want to get a better CPU in the future and maybe a secong card.
  7. thanks gentlemens!!
  8. so. again. if you were in my situation. would get a r9 270 or a gtx 750 ti or other mid range card that my phenom II x4 965 be will bottleneck less.
  9. if you plan on keeping that phenom i would get a 270 for mantle
  10. so what do think about this video i found? is it real or fake?
  11. Just Want to add that I got an HD 6870 from a friend who was using a Phenom II x2 with it and there was really no gain in performance when I used it with my i5 3570k in most games...mind you this was early last year.
  12. I suggest looking for bargains on Ebay, I found a 6850 for a friend for £31 delivered last week and something like a 6850/6870 is a better match for the Phenom.
  13. If you overclock it you will bypass any bottleneck with the 760. Once I hit 4GHz I was in the clear, no bottlenecking, went farther for safety.

    The 760 runs without bottleneck on a OCd 965.
  14. +1 Gam3r01
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