Asus M2N-E Bios problems! Plz Help!!

Hi People ,

Been searching all over the internet before starting this thread but im out of luck and i hope that someone can help me.... :(

My Gigabyte mobo died a few weeks back and i decided to buy a second hand AM2 motherboard from ebay because i was still happy with the system.

I bought a second hand Asus M2N-E motherboard , looks brand new and after i installed it and turned it on it worked like a charm. I went into the bios and changed a few minor settings , nothing special like over clocking or voltages etc just the boot options and video settings.
I saved everything and rebooted the system and i got 1 long beep + 3 short beeps and a black screen.

Resetted the bios with the jumper and battery but no suc6! I googled the problem and found out that my videocard is probably not supported ( yet) in the bios , it needs a update! I got a ATI 5770. ( It did work on first startup??? ).

I inserted a different videocard ( older card ) and it turns on , i can get into the bios but the bios freezes after 5/10 seconds.
The only thing that still works is "ctrl alt del " , it reboots but nothing happens and screen stays black.
When i reset the bios again and turn on the pc and i skip the DEL option and use " Press F1 to continue " it just hangs on a blinking cursor.

I think my bios is corrupted but i cant find a solution how to upgrade or downgrade this bios....can anyone help me ? Plz? :(
The current bios version is M2N-E 1202 BIOS

Sorry for my english :D

Things i tried :

- Used 3 powersupply's. ( 400/500/750 )
- Used 2 different AMD cpu
- Changed C-mos battery's and jumpered to clear the bios.
- Installed mobo outside of the case.
- Without CPU i dont get any beeps but systems turns on with just fans spinning.
- Without memory i get 1 long beep + 2 short
- without graphic card i get 1 long beep + 3 short .
- With new graphic card i get 1 long + 3 short

Thanks for your time! :)

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    1 long and 3 short normally is the sign of your video card not being seated fully into the slot, or your contacts are dirty. Just hit the pci-e slot with some air, and then clean your contacts.
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