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I bought an amd fx 8350 to replace my amd fx 4100. After changing it, my pc won't turn on. My motherboard is ga-970a-d3 which is compatible for both of the cpus. I thought it may be a lack of power supply, but I took my sound card off to make up the 30w difference between the two cpus, but it didn't work.

Could anyone give some advice? Thank you very much.
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    which revision of the board? older revision(1.3 or older) don't support fx 8350
  2. maybe that is the reason. Will there be anyway of making the older one compatible?
  3. nope, not unless they update the bios, but it could be the older revision motherboard itself that didn't work with the FX 8350, so it might never be any update for it.
  4. thank you very much sir!
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