B-Grade Asus Maximus VI Hero or New Asus H87M Pro?

First off, I want to tell you what B-Grade basically means. It means refurbished, a component sent back to OverclockersUK for an unknown reason. Usually, the board will be boxed and have the IO plate, sometimes with a Manual and CD Drivers, sometimes there isn't. Now that's the thing, should I get the Asus Maximus VI Hero that is B-Grade or should I get a brand new Asus H87M pro? This is really down to gambling I guess, what would you do? And if the Motherboard doesn't come with drivers, can I obtain them online?

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  1. don't risk it with a mobo or a v card, just spend the full amount or purchase a product the same price as the b grade motherboard, someone didn't want it for one reason or another.
  2. the vi hero is better by far. its overclocking capable it comes with all drivers and supports and manuals.
  3. Read the title, It is a Refurbished VI Hero.
  4. I'm running the HERO right now , best board I've ever built with.
  5. It could be with, or without necessary accessories such as the IO plate.
  6. What do you think I mean, I read some of the threads on the OCuK forums about B-Grade motherboards: etc
    And it is tempting me to buy this Mobo.
  7. how much is it Refurbished?
  8. even tho Refurbished its still better than the Asus H87M pro by far.
  9. £90 from 169.99 pound, and there are 3 in stock.
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    Might even simply be open box, bought and returned, as long as it can be returned for exchange if defective I'd give it a try
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