Boot with M-Sata drive in Windows 8 on MSI Z87 G45 Gaming Motherboard?

I REALLY hate Sata connectors on devices!!!!! Any little movement of the cable or the device can destroy the device. I've had this happen a few times, so I'm thinking of getting a new 120gb Samsung 840 Evo M-Sata drive to use as my boot drive for Windows.

My MSI Z87 G45 Gaming motherboard has an M-Sata slot but it does not state if is only for for cache. In fact, it doesn't even mention using it for cache, so I'm thinking that it can be used for booting or as a cache.

Has anyone done this?
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  1. They are never 'only for cache', Thats just the best option for the small ssd's manufacturers are likely to throw in.
    I've also never had a lose sata cable destroy a device but then I only buy the locking type cables.
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    They aren't built anywhere near the strength of IDE devices; you could litterally rip off the cables from the hard drive over and over and never have a problem on litterally thousands of them over the years.
    Sata devices require that you be totally, totally, totally careful as they are far far too fragile.

    anyhow, I was really asking about whether or not the motherboard on the Z87 supports booting as opposed to whether the drive supports booting. i guess that I was not clear about that. From what I can tell now, it supports booting to the M-Sata port and uses up Sata-port 5 or Sata-port 6 when it is connected.

    So i've ordered the Samsung 840 Evo M-Sata 120 gb drive. Their entry into the M-Sata market started in February with their release of their 840-M-Sata version. Tom's did a review of back in Feb or so, on the 120, 240, 500 and 1 Tb M-Sata drives.
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