Which budget gaming pc is better?

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  1. Compared to building your own all are overpriced and lacking.
  2. The only difference, besides looks, is that the first link has half the hard drive space. If 500 Gb is all you need, get that one. If you need more, pick either of the two.
  3. I would just build your own. It will give way more power per dollar than a crappy prebuilt. I knew nothing about building pc's until i researched and built mine this past summer and after a few weeks of learning everything there was to know i successfully built my first high end gaming pc and have never looked back.
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    None of them. They all use ancient-chipset mobos, crappy PSUs that would be weak even if they were good for what is on their labels (highly unlikely), substandard DDR3 video cards, and cheap thin cases.
    I suspect most of the system builders around here would be able to beat them with the spares out of our parts boxes, and have much better quality. You do not want one of these.
  5. I've purchased from Cyberpower before. Zero complaints. However, if you go that rout, you'll want to visit their website directly so you can see/choose the parts.
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