Strange PC Lockups/Freezes and stuck in a system restore "groundhog day" cycle

Hey guys, I've been having some rather strange issues with my PC as of late and I'm slowly starting to understand the triggers but could use some help solving the issue!

Lately my PC has been randomly crashing with no error messages, just a lock up requiring a manual reboot. After a reboot I get an error stating the display driver took too long to respond but has recovered.

I was concerned it was a hardware issue but I noticed a strange trend with these crashes, I uninstalled my graphics/display drivers (ATI catalyst control centre fyi) and everything worked fine for 1-2 weeks. I was away for a few days and when I came back the problems resumed, I system restored back about a week and everything again was fine until exactly a week later.

Now I'm stuck in an endless groundhog day like cycle where I system restore back a few days to solve the problem but it resurfaces again the exact same time, every time. This leads me to believe it can't be a hardware issue, there is a windows update in the middle of the system restore cycle I believe may be causing the issues as it's the only constant update that happens.

Everytime I restore the update happens 2 days later then 2 more days later the crashes start happening again, I'm unsure of how to disable the windows updates or how to check what files may be causing the issue so I've come here looking for advice.

Hoping someone here can help, I'll cooperate as much as I can!

Thanks guys.
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  1. Problems are occuring again today so another system restore cycle is continuing, windows update was 2 days ago also.
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