How well will this build run modded skyrim?

How well will this build run Skyrim with 200 different mods mostly game-play mods e.g. immersive weapons, creatures, armors, faalskar etc. etc. and graphical mods e.g. real-vision enb, climates of tamriel, realistic lighting overhaul etc. etc.

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  1. A single AMD card would be my choice.
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    my 2500k@4.5ghz and 780@1300mhz runs skyrim with all those mods and an enb at 1440p fine. but i am using the enb to inject smaa, af, ambient occlusion, a few other dx10 effects, and memory management, not to mention im fully bashed, tagged, and cleaned. my 780@1.3ghz will come close or match reference clocked 760s in sli according to benchmarks like unigine heaven/valley or 3dmark, but some games only have 65-70% sli scaling and at best a little over 90% performance scaling.
  3. why not get a single gtx 780 instead of sli 760s? The performance will be about the same but more stable/reliable with a single card. Also, I have a gtx 760 in my system and run with most of those mods at 1080p with no problem. However my ENB is not at ultra settings but high so you could probably do 1080p skyrim modded with the gtx 770 and the gtx 780 would be even better.
  4. Do not get SLI for Skyrim! It has issues! Trust me I have 2 GTX 670s and sometimes it starts to flicker and do weird stuff. I would recommend you get a 780 or a 780ti. The 780ti will outperform 2 760s in most games, that includes Skyrim.
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