Can a Radeon HD 7750 low profile card run of a 240W power supply?

I am looking to upgrade my pc so i can play online fps with decent framerate. Ive narrowed it down to this card:

however i found some people saying that a 240W psu wont be enough for this card.

Do i also need to get a better psu for my PC?
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  1. 240w is extremely close because you have to take away the cpu, hard drive, motherboard, optical drive (if you have one), etc. which you leaves you with a very tight amount for the video card.
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    I just looked up the Sapphire version of your card ( HD 7750), It has a system requirement of a 400watt PSU.

    I would say that it needs at least 400 watt PSU.
  3. No. first of all you will power up the board,CPU,HDD, FANS, and the additional GPU. The PSU will reach its thermal limit and the system will crash. i suggest that you buy at least 400 watts of PSU from seasonic, antec, cooler master, XFX or any known brand.
  4. this is a close call . . 240w PSU is not good for this GPU . . have to replace PSU
  5. So would this PSU be adequate for my needs?

    I doubt i will upgrade my PC for a while after this anyway.
  6. That psu will be fine for a hd 7750. I currently have the same psu with a hd 7770 (sort of a placeholder until later this year) and haven't had any problems with it at all.
  7. That PSU has adequate wattage. But be advised it is a tier 3 PSU. That means it is only passable quality.

    You can use this site to compare PSUs.

    This would be a better choice.
  8. Digital Shrapnel said:
    So would this PSU be adequate for my needs?

    I doubt i will upgrade my PC for a while after this anyway.

    dont buy cx PSU . bad . get xfx or seasonic
  9. One other thing. Im not 100% certain the 7750 is compatible with my motherboard. Here are the specs:
    HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF - Windows 7 Pro

    Intel Core 2 Duo 8400 @ 3.0Ghz
    2Gb DDR3 RAM
    3048h HP mobo (according to cpu-z)
    240W PSU (before I upgrade).

    I' have one PCI x 16 slot but i think its 1.0 and I know the 7750 is 3.0.

    Any help is welcome.
  10. The PCI Express x 16 slot is backwards compatible. In other words the latest version of PCI Express x 16 is compatible with earlier versions.
  11. So basically i just need to get a decent PSU thats above 400W right? Will a bronze certified PSU be fine for my needs? I just want a cheap and reliable one.
  12. Yes, it will. The one I linked is a gold rated Seasonic 450 watt PSU, but it is only $75.
  13. it works, i have it.
    Core 2 Duo E8300 2.83ghz
    2 DDR2 RAM Sticks
    2 HDDs
    Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5
    240W PSU
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