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Hey guys! Recently I have build my first pc and I am very happy with it, now i have a second screen that I used as TV before, and I was wondering: Can I put this second screen on my motherboard, and the first on my GPU. Or should I both put them on the GPU if possible? I only want one screen for gaming and the other one would be for watching youtube video's, media player, nothing too heavy. Also, if this is possible could someone tell me how to, or link me a topic.

System Specs:
CPU: i5-4670k

Thanks for reading,
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    you can do both suggestions;

    One on the GOU and one on motherboard would be my opt, then if you game all the performance from the GTX 770 is going to that one screen and doesn't have to power the second, then the Integrated graphics (motherboard output) could do the youtube videos.

    If both on the GTX 770 then you'll have to power two screens with the one GPU, which will work fine but you'll lose performance in games.

    In order to use both GPU and integrated graphics, you need to enable both in BIOS.
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