Duel Core E2200

is Dual Core E2200 any good for games if its ok i want to buy a new Graphics card
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  1. This CPU is really old and is sub standard for today's standards i would recommend you upgrade your CPU before you do anything to your PC.

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    That CPU is no good. It was poor when it was new. The good news is that you can upgrade that CPU to something about 3x faster for cheap. You can get an E5400 for about $8 on ebay. That is 2.7 GHZ with 2 cores and 2 MB cache. Or you can go higher to a 2 core E8400 3GHz 4MB cache for about $40 or you can go to Quad cores for around $50. You have a Socket LGA 775 Motherboard . Almost all of them will run any Socket 775 CPU. Do some research. Don't buy a new one. Used ones are as good as new. Video cards are more expensive but you might pick up something in the $50 range that will be ok.
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