Cant find microsoft office 365 after installing and activating it

Hi there, i recently downloaded the microsoft 365 setup, after downloading this i then installed the software, in my uninstall programs area i am able to uninstall the program but i can not find the program itself and in the uninstall page it has no file size meaning there is no file for it, but if its installed it must be. I can not find it in program files either but it says my microsoft folder was updated today somehow. thanks very much in advance
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    If you chose the online, prescription-based version of Office 365, only your plan information is installed on your computer when you run setup. You access the actual Office applications online, that's why Office is not listed for uninstalling.
  2. If you don't have desktop icons, did you look in the All Programs in the Start menu?
  3. "prescription-based" should have said subscription-based. My bad, I take prescription drugs every day, got the word carved in my brain!
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