Budget card that beats HD6850 ?

Hey there!
Just built a new system, and decided to keep using my old HD6850 graphics card.
I was just wondering, is there any decent budget (like max 120€) graphics cards available that would beat my HD6850. I kind of want to upgrade it, cause I feel like I need to get a little bit more of kick but I need to keep my budget down.
Any suggestions for cards in that price range? Or should I just keep using HD6850.
And btw, my system is:
AsRock H87M Pro4 mobo
Intel Core i3-4130
Radeon HD6850
8Gb Kingston Hyperx blu 1600MHz
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  1. r7 265 . .
  2. SoumyaHD said:
    Radeon HD 7950 is better than HD6850..good luck

    Please read the full post. The max budget is EUR120.
  3. Radeon HD 7950 is better than HD6850..good luck
  4. Best answer
    Radeon R7 260X or GeForce GTX 750 Ti
    Hope this suits your budget
    Good luck with your build
  5. Gtx 750 TI
  6. Or a 660 if your power supply can handle it, they're getting cheap nowadays.
  7. I believe given your budget a 750 TI super clocked would be your best option, also its based on the new maxwell core architecture.
    I would recommend evgas 750ti super clocked.
  8. MSI GTX750 Ti Gaming OC edition would be available in my local shop. It wouldn't just hit my price range, but I think I could stretch my budget for that. Would it be a good choice? And anyways, It comes with 50$ Warface kredit coupon, which I would buy anyway cause I play warface, so It would technically cost only around 80€ to me. And selling my HD6850 I'm almost at +/- 0€. But anyways, would it be a good choice?
    Edit: Talking about
  9. yes it is a good choice . . 750ti is good mid range card
  10. I am again saying,
    Msi Nvidia Geforce Gtx 750ti/N750ti Tf 2gd5/Oc 2 Gb Gddr5 is a good card for your budget
  11. hd7790
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