i really need help with this smps?

Will Sapphire amd/ati radeon r9 270 work in this smps Iball lpe223-400 smps wattage???
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    iBall LPE223-400 PSU has 400w output.
    For the R9 270 GPU, recommended PSU output wattage is 450w

    Since your existing PSU is "borderline" sufficient and may therefore fail under full load (possible "killing" other components too). I would play it safe and get a 500w PSU (and a better brand than iBall if possible, eg Seasonic or Corsair.
  2. Will gtx 660 work?
  3. GTX 660 is the same -- manufacturer recommends 450w PSU. Why are trying to pick a GPU that avoids have to upgrade the PSU?
    You choose your GPU first, then buy a new PSU if needed.
  4. Bump -.-
  5. Should work. However, you should get a better quality PSU than that, that's the cheapest line of Corsair PSU's. Get a CX600 instead.
    Or a Antec VP550.
  6. BTW you should post this kind of thread in the Components section.
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