Is Windows 7 or 8 better for a high end gaming PC?

I'm trying to find out if I should use Windows 7 or 8 in my new high end gaming PC build. I like and have used both Windows 7 and 8. I was wanting to know if there is a difference in game performance with these operating systems. If so is it really that big of a difference in gaming? Some benchmarks if possible would be great. Thanks
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  1. 8, lower overheads, but no real difference at the moment. Not sure of status of DX12, can't imagine it won't end up on win7 too.
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    Well, I went the windows 8 route. I'm pretty sure Tom's did an article comparing windows 7 vs windows 8 for gaming, and windows 8 is slightly faster but so slight it's hardly worth talking about. Windows 8 at first had some compatibility issues with certain games and hardware (just like everyone other OS release), but it's been out long enough where everything works pretty good now.

    I have played dozens of games in Windows 8, the only issue I have had is League of Legends crashes before loading screen. This usually happens after a patch. It also only seems to happen with Windows 8.1, not Windows 8. I ran it in Windows 7 compatibility mode and that seems to have fixxed my issue (for now).

    My rig:
    Gigabyte Z77x D3H
    3570K @4.3ghz
    16GB Corsair DDR 3 1600mhz
    GTX 770

    Games I have run without any issues :
    Batman origins
    Assassins creed black flag
    splinter cell blacklist
    Counter strike : GO
    Sleeping dogs (his res package)
    Battlefield 3
    Elder scrolls online (beta only)

    And there are literally at least another dozen random steam games I have played without any problems.

    I went Windows 8 because I typically put new software on a new machine, not to mention I upgraded from Vista (my old build) to Win 8 Pro for only 40$.

    There have been a few moments where I was annoyed with the interface and wanted to buy windows 7, but with Windows 8.1 update 1 it's a bit more desktop friendly.

    Example : Windows 8 came with a skype "app" built in. If you use the "app", it would force you to stay full screen or it would shut down. I like to use skype when gaming sometimes, and obviously have to minimize it when playing a game. Pretty annoying. Work around : download "skype for desktop" for windows 8, problem solved.

    Now with the return of the start button, and ability to pin usefull tools to the task bar, Windows 8 is more manageable for me. So yea windows 7 is more like the windows you are used to - but windows 8 is slightly faster and becoming more and more keyboard and mouse friendly... So at least Microsoft is getting over their "I wish I was more like Apple" complex, and slowly heading back towards what they are good at - letting windows be windows and not a Mac wannabe.
  3. PS with my newly installed Crucial M500 SSD, Windows 8.1 update 1 loads in about 8 seconds flat from the POST beep.
  4. Found the article for you. I think since the article was written, Windows 8.1 has been further optimized.,3331.html

    Bottom line: Doesn't make much a difference. Buy the slightly faster windows 8, or the more standard 7
  5. Actually if you do a google on that very question you will see benchmarks that show, for whatever reason, they optimized the cod for games for W8 machines OVER W7. That W8 actually performs MEASURABLY better. NO this does not mean if before you got 29FPS now you get 50FPS, but you will get on average 8-12FPS more on W8 then W7 according to all the test.
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