Corsair PSU burst during a power surge.. need some help

So we had a power surge in our house and even though I had my supply cable connected to a Surge protector, which was pretty old btw, PSU made some pop sound and the PC failed to start after that.

I took it out and tested it, which created a sort of a bright white light from the PSU, yeah it was fire. But it was incredibly bright. It was perfectly fine before this. So what exactly had failed here? Can I claim warranty? It is a corsair GS 600.

I now have the system running on my old coolermater xtreme power plus 650W, and PC runs fine, so no internals were affected.

I just find it hard to believe that Corsair, that takes pride in their PSUs never bursting in an incredible fashion, was exactly what happened to me.

Anyone had Corsair PSUs blow up? Don't they have a mechanism to prevent exactly this?
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  1. GS 600 warranty is 3 years so I would definitely try to get a replacement under warranty. I dunno if I would mention the power surge and bright white light. Just say it made a pop sound and now the PC won't post.
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    You can never be safe enough from power surges and PSU bursting in flames when you least expect it. It happens to everyone in the world once in a while. If you still have warranty just open a ticket, tell them you were merrily using your pc, heard a pop sound pc shut down, smelled something burning a bit then thats it.
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