Mixing gigabit and 100Mbps devices

If I have a 10/100Mbps switch with a 10/100Mbps server and 2 10/100Mbps clients communicating with the server, will the speeds of the two clients be limited to (for example) 50Mbps and 50Mbps rather than the full 100Mbps due to the limit of the server's NIC?

If so, will getting a gigabit switch and upgrading the NIC on the server to gigabit allow for full 100Mbps communication to the server?
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    The two clients may not exceed the port speed of the server, but the two clients won't get a 50/50 split of bandwidth except when they're both trying to use the server at the same time.

    For the most part, switches act exactly how you're expect them to. If the server has a 100mb port, it may communicate at max, 100mb/s, but the sharing among clients is very smooth.

    Yes, if you have a 1gb switch with a 1gb port to the server and you only have two 100mb clients, the most those two clients could ever use as the same time is 200mb.
  2. You will be limited to 100m total to the server. All client and server always run at 100m. The worst case would be if both client machines tried to talk to the sever at exactly the same instant and sent more data that the switch could buffer. You would take a small amount of packet loss but the client that lost the data would just resend it after a slight delay.

    How much each client gets is going to be random it is not even close to evenly divided. It depends what you feel your average load for the clients added together will regularly exceed 100m then a gig port may help. In most other cases the buffers in the switch and the error recovery would let you stay with 100m switch.
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