780ti 1440p monitor talk (help)

Ok let me first start off by saying i'm not a hardcore cod bf4 est player (twitch shooters). I enjoy dayz, skyrim, tomb raider, borderlands, bioshock you get the picture.

So i've got the 780ti and I need to choose a monitor. So heres what ive come up with
Asus pb278q (£490) The will also allow me to use xb360 on it aswell
Qnix qn2710 (£300)
Overlord tempest (unsure due to customs)

im selling my current monitor for £280 + will i need a second 780ti?

Im currently edging towards the asus due to the warranty
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  1. I would wait for the PG278Q which will be released soon. 1440p, 120hz, g-sync, low response time gaming oriented monitor.
  2. Is that the asus $800 TN panel? I really want beauty so not sure about that
  3. It's not out yet, bu I highly doubt it will be $800. You can get the 4K Samsung monitor for $800.

    Just wait for it to be released and make a decision then. Unless you don't want to wait. It shouldn't be much longer though, probably some time in may.
  4. Yeah its $799 not sure how much it will be for me as a brit
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    Interesting.. that's a very steep price.

    I don't have much knowledge of 1440p monitors except this one, so I don't have an alternative to suggest. You probably know more about them from your research.
  6. So guys should i go with the asus for the ips beauty?
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