In building my new pc I installed win 8.1 on a WD harddrive (not activated). Want to add an SSD & install 8.1 on it. How?

Want to remove win 8.1 from WD hard drive and install it onto a newly installed SSD on the same computer. I have two win 8.1 discs (32 & 64 bits). 32 is installed on harddrive but not activated. I want to end up with win 8.1 startup from SSD upon boot up. Possible? How?
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  1. Hi

    Make SSD boot device in bios and check it remains boot device after re connecting hard drive
    Disconnect hard disk cables

    Install windows on SSD
    When fully installed shut down and
    Re connect hard drive
    Format hard drive to remove old unused version of windows
    Also you can't boot up off wrong disk

    You have 30 days to activate
    ( optionally can be extended by re arming count down timer)

    How much ram in PC ?
    If more than 3 GB use 64 bit version

    I presume this is a retail or retail upgrade version as usually Microsoft oem system builder windows only supply 32 or 64 bit version in box

    Mike Barnes
  2. Thanks. I will try next Tuesday when I get home.
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