Creative sb xfi extreme gamer sound card not working in windows 8 or 8.1 please help!!

Hi all i have a dual booth system windows 7 32bit and now windows 8.1 64 bit.
My sb xfi card works perfect on my windows 7 and had it working on windows 8 after a fresh install, but a few days ago it stopped working, so i decided to upgrade to windows 8.1 to see if this works but nothing!
I can see the sound card in device manager and when i click on the speaker is see the graphic but no sound. Ive tired everything latest drivers some pespoke drivers but no sound on windows 8.1 whats wrong can i get it to work or should just scrap 8.1 and stay with 7 please help
will the pci extreme gamer card work on windows 8.1 or they just want me to upgrade!!!!!!
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  1. Sounds like maybe you aren't the only one with issues?

    There are a few solutions posted there... try those out? My work machine went to hell when I did the "upgrade" path for 8 to 8.1... might also be worth a fresh install to 8.1, I know I will when I get a chance
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