Need help installing drivers for new gpu ASAP please

Hi! My 550ti that I got passed on by a friend died permanently and I am upgrading to the 7770 2gb gddr5 asus dcu2. (build has ga78lmtusb3 rev 5, fx4300, 8gb ddr3, cx430 v2, etc..) and I fully uninstalled and wiped the nvidia side of things, and now i'm using the onboard chipset 760g. When I get my new gpu will I need to go into device manager and uninstall this, or just plug in, screw in, boot, and install latest non beta drivers? Thanks! (gpu is coming tommrow! yay!)
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  1. Pretty much have it, get the latest from nVidia, whatever comes on the CD w/ the GPU will probably already be out of date
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