My USB Port doesn't work but there's power going through it, I need help

Hello everyone, this forum has helped me before so I'm sure it can help me again

A couple of days ago I turned on my pc and one of my usb ports (the only usb 3.0 port in my laptop) stopped working, I do not know what happened

When I connect my external hard drive it lights up, so I know that the port "works" but nothing else happens, it doesn't recognize any of my peripherals

I have Windows 7 64bit by the way

I'm not sure if there's some other information I need to give but feel free to ask for it if you think it might help me figure out the problem

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. It's an ASUS N53SN if that helps by any chance
  2. Bump?
  3. No one knows why?

    When I go to device manager it says the usb 3.0 port is working correctly
  4. Try another USB device... Might be your HDD's fault ...
  5. Prajay Basu said:
    Try another USB device... Might be your HDD's fault ...

    Sorry for taking so long to answer back, I thought no one would answer me

    The HDD works with other USB ports and no other USB devices work with that one port

    It's the only USB 3.0 port so I think those things are connected
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