PC Crashes when I play certain games

Okay, I Built my PC around Easter time and every time I play games such as Team fortress 2 and Garrys mod. Pretty basic games I know but my PC runs them perfectly then the display goes black and after a while the mother board makes a series of beeps. I looked up a chart and it says that the beeps a error messages telling me that my RAM is faulty.

I have 8 gigs of corsair vengeance Ram which should be enough for these older games.

I just want to know how to fix this problem because it is really annoying!

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  1. Run a memory scan. Faulty Ram and having enough ram are two different things.
  2. I have done some memory test's and they say that the memory is sqeaky clean, as for my specs.

    Processor: AMD FX 6300
    Graphics: AMD R9 270
    any other needed?
  3. may help providing full pc spec.
  4. I have just discovered that the graphics cards fans stop spinning when the PC crashes.
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