Fallout 3 Sends me back to my desktop on windows 8.

Hello everyone so i recently purchased and built my own computer. my specs are:
Intel core i5 4670k
Radeon r9 270
8gb crucial sport ram
Windows 8.1

Now i installed fallout 3 legitly from my fallout 3 discs and played the game for maybe three to four days and had no problems. then i shut down my computer after it ran an update. then turned it back on and started it up and as soon as the intro slides started it when to a black screen and then to my desktop where i wasnt frozen so i could start it up again but it would do it again and again. now i do play fallout 3 with fallout mod manager and with mods but i dont think that thats the problem. ive changed the fallout ini file in my documents and added the d39dll file to the data folder in my fallout 3 folder. but it still goes straight to my desktop. i reinstalled the game and it still does the same thing. ive checked every forum and no one seems to have a problem like this one. hopefully someone has had this problem and has fixed it. im pretty frustrated and getting ready to return this pc if i cant get it to run the right way. any help would be appreciated. ill be happy to add any information anyone needs.
I found this message in event viewer in admin tools, dont know if itll help
Title Fallout3.exe ( XLive 3.5.0092.0 (WGX_XLIVE_V3.05_RTM(panblder).110928-1730) C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\xlive.dll
ok so after careful research the error code above definatelly has something to do with fallout 3 crashing to my desktop dont know what the error code is though
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  1. This might not work but have you tried running it under compatibility settings? Right click on the icon, properties, compatibility and try Windows XP or Windows 7.

    Consider that the mods might be the problem. Re-install the game and try running it as per normal. If it runs, then introduce the mods and see if they are the problem.
  2. Verify your game cache.
    Run Fallout 3 in XP S3 compatibility mode, with Visual Themes and Desktop Composition disabled.
    Enable FFDSHOW compatibility with FO3, and/or uninstall FFDSHOW in its entirety.
    Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Set Your Default Programs > Set .ogg files to run with Windows Media Player.
    Fallout.ini fix. Add bUseThreadedAI=1 and iNumHWThreads=2 under [General]
    Make sure FalloutDefault.ini is not overwriting your Document .ini.
    Use Fake Fullscreen and run the game in Windowed mode. http://www.nexusmods...t3/mods/19376/?
    Set Water Multi-Sampling to Low.
    Only use mod loaders to install mods, and exit them before playing. Launch your game via the .exe, or dedicated external launchers such as FOSE.
    Use Large Address Aware to allow FO3 to utilize more than 2G of RAM. http://www.nexusmods...ut3/mods/6510/?
    Run a few MemTest86 scans to rule out the possiblity of your RAM causing the issue.
  3. Fallout 3 isn't made for multicore computers, so if you have problems playing on a Windows 7 or 8, this Steam guide will show you what to change in Fallout.ini.
  4. I bought my legit copy and kept getting crashes after updating. I fixed it by rolling back and deleting my "legit" 1.7 update and downloading this one.
    Also as stated above by FromTheDepths, you need to change the values " Fallout.ini fix. Add bUseThreadedAI=1 and iNumHWThreads=2 under [General] " if using more than a single core cpu.
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